History of Medora Brick Plant

Medora, Indiana
Indiana 425 southwest of Medora in Jackson County

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Medora Brick Plant: A Timeline

1889-1904   1904-1910   1920's  1930's  1940's 1950' 1960's  1970's  1980's  1990's 2000's

1872 note: during time brick typically made 'on site' of construction

John Wesley Heller makes brick to build home 1-1/2 miles south of Brownstown.

1879 Farmer John Wesley Heller said to have started making brick from his home and selling them.
We have begun to develop a timeline for the Brick Plant history and special happenings which will be on this page and connected pages relating to the years above.  If you have a piece of Plant history that you would like to share please do so.  Email